About BLeaf

Committed. Creative. Environmentally minded.

Aiming to be a part of the drive toward sustainability through reduced use of plastic packaging, Top Trend Manufacturing Co., Ltd. founded BLeaf. Serving as our sustainability representative, BLeaf offers a range of biodegradable products such as eating utensils, straws, bottles, food containers, and more. Prioritizing product safety and ease of use, we make it easy for everyone to reduce plastic waste — the eco-saboteur of Thailand’s nature and environment.

BLeaf is laser-focused on creating packaging that will ease environmental problems. With over three decades of experience in packaging design and an in-house product research and development team, we offer practical, truly biodegradable packaging that leaves zero toxins or environmental pollutants.

From nature, for nature

With plastic waste compromising natural resources in Thailand, many organizations have been cutting down on plastic packaging. BLeaf shares the same vision — our products are made from natural fibers such as bagasse and fibers from bamboo, corn, and cassava. Through a safe chemical process, we turn these natural materials into biodegradable plastic pellets. Unlike normal plastics, these natural-fiber products are free of hazardous toxins and cancer-causing substances, and therefore safe for everyday use.

All BLeaf products are made from natural materials, so they decompose when buried, creating methane, carbon dioxide, water, and biomass. These serve as essential growth factors for plants and create a beneficial decomposition cycle.


Styrofoam packaging doesn't decompose naturally.


Plastic packaging takes over 450 years to decompose.


Biodegradable packaging decomposes within 6 weeks when buried properly.