Thai Ocean Waste Free Campaign


Thai Ocean Waste Free campaign is the collaboration between Saensuk Municipality, Burapha University, and Top Trend Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Bangsaen beach and garbage problem

At present, Bangsaen beach is a very popular sightseeing place with the 4.5 km long and uncountable tourists have visited here. From this reason, Bangsaen beach has to confront the unavoidable garbage problem along the beach. Due to its geography, wind and tide blow numerous garbage in the sea more than 10 tons per day onto the beach, especially in the rainy season. Saensuk Municipality has attempted to solve this problem by placing the floating garbage collector in the sea but it can collect only some, but not all.

Due to the concern from local residents who love to see their beautiful sea and beach, there is the “Thai Ocean Waste Free” campaign with the strong collaboration between Saensuk Municipality and local street food shops along the Bangsaen beach to change the food packaging sold to customer from the conventional non-decomposable food packaging into the environmentally friendly biodegradable food packaging.


BLeaf supports this campaign by giving 100% biodegradable cutlery (e.g., spoon, folk) to the local street food shops and tourists.

If the food sellers see the BLeaf logo on any food products, it can guarantee that our products are not only easy to use and have fashionable design, but also environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and supporting the garbage reduction.

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