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BLeaf “living the green life”, this name only has green products. We launch new packaging’s. With the same concept is a product made from natural materials such as bagasse, poly-lactic acid and natural wood pulp. Through a modern molding process, it is actually biodegradable. Focus on safety for consumers.

Which the new products being released are Bio Spoon and Fork. Sauce cups with lids, available in both opaque and transparent lids. And eco-friendly tube products as well Every Biobleaf product comes with a modern look. Suitable for use Help add value to food Create a good image for your brand. It also reduces the amount of plastic to preserve our nature as well.

1). Spoon & Fork Biodegradable

Many people are familiar with products from PLA. PLA is a biodegradable material made from renewable raw materials such as corn, sugarcane, cassava, etc. BLeaf bio-cutleries are now available at stores near your area.

2). PLA Spoon & Fork Biodegradable

  • Thai Spoon
  • 5 Inches Spoon & Fork
  • 6 Inches Spoon & Fork
  • 6.5 Inches Spoon & Fork

Besides cutlery made of PLA, we also have wooden spoons made of Birchwood.

3). Wooden Spoon & Fork Biodegradable

  • 140 mm Wooden Spoon
  • 160 mm Wooden Spoon
  • 160 mm Wooden Fork

4). Cup & Lid Biodegradable

New products, bagasse cups and lids for dipping sauce salad dressing, can be used for desserts such as pudding, cupcakes and other snacks as well. BLeaf responds to users with a strong shape design. Beautiful and modern size is suitable for use. With sizes ranging from 1 oz. to 4 oz. Not only that, it also comes with a lid that is available in either a solid lid made from bagasse and the clear lid is made of PLA as well. The lid is designed to fit the mouth of the sauce cup perfectly. When customers put the sauce or different types of food will not spill.

  • 1 oz. Ø62 mm Sugarcane Cup
  • 2 oz. Ø62 mm Sugarcane Cup
  • 3 oz. Ø62 mm Sugarcane Cup
  • 4 oz. Ø76 mm Sugarcane Cup
  • 2 oz. Ø70 mm Sugarcane Cup
  • Ø62 mm PLA Lid
  • Ø76 mm PLA Lid
  • Ø70 mm Sugarcane Lid

5). Straw biodegradable

The newest item, BLeaf has launched a "Bio-Drinking Straw" as requested by the people of the world. The research and development team has produced a wide variety of bio-straws. And comes in various designs such as straight straw straws and coffee straws, pearl tea straws are available in white and black colors. And the type in the envelope as well. Oh, Meet the needs of shops, restaurants, coffee shops and everyone in the world.

  • White Straw
  • Black Straw
  • White Straw in Paper Bag
  • Black Straw in Paper Bag
  • Bendable Black Straw in paper Bag
  • Black Straw with Bleaf Logo
  • Black Straw
  • Black Spoon Straw

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