BLeaf's new products

BLeaf “living the green life”, this name only has green products. We launch new packaging’s. With the same concept is a product made from natural materials such as bagasse, poly-lactic acid and natural wood pulp. Through a modern molding process, it is actually biodegradable. Focus on safety for consumers.

Fight against COVID-19

Managing director and representatives of BLeaf bioproducts donated the biodegradable packagings to support Siriraj Hospital during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

The products included 10,000 sets of bagasse food containers and 10,000 sets of BIO cutleries which were used as the single-use packagings that can reduce the risk of virus spreading between patients and also can be decomposed without polluting the environment.

PR Campaign of BLeaf bioproducts

BLeaf bioproducts, the Eco-friendly packaging, has promoted our new released products “BLeaf” at Bangsaen beach, Chonburi on February, 1st 2020. This activity promotes the biodegradable packagings and educates the food stall vendors and travelers along the Bangsaen beach about the importance of single-use eco-friendly packagings such as disposable cutlery and bagasse food container.